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The Evolution of

Steel Roses Podcast

The concept for this podcast came to life to address an important and yet overlooked need. Women experience ​similar pressures, frustrations and roadblocks, and yet, no one talks out in the open. There is a constant strain to ​fit into a particular mold, act in a particular way all while having perfectly coiffed hair and a smile. This silence ​amongst women is a breeding ground for feeling inadequate, stressed out, resentment and in some instances like a ​failure. We do not need to continue on this way.

Over the course of season 1 and in preparation for season 2 roughly 20 interviews have been conducted. It is ​incredibly empowering to hear the stories of everyday women overcoming what life has thrown at them. We all ​have a back story, and this podcast serves to elevate the voices of women, share their story, normalize that we ​all have hurdles to overcome, and create a judgement free zone where we are all celebrated.

Join the podcast weekly to hear personal experiences shared by the hosts & guests along with bonus mini-sodes ​where Jenny Benitez digs deeper into the reality of being a mom, wife, professional, and entrepreneur.

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Interested in podcasting?

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast but are unsure where to start? I am thrilled to offer to you the opportunity to tap into ​my experience and launch your own podcast.

Basic package

You will have access to a 33 page pdf downloadable resource and video ​modules that will provide step by step detailed guidance.

VIP package

You get everything from the basic package PLUS the ​opportunity to collaborate with me directly.

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A message from Jenny....

After becoming a mom it felt like my eyes were opened to many more streams of consciousness. Being a ​mom doesn't define all that I am but it was a catalyst to my development into the person I am today. The ​realization of how much weight was on my shoulders when my first child was born was overwhelming ​and for years I felt alone and at times inadequate as a mom, wife, and professional.

Enter the question that would define my next steps, "If I am experiencing this, is it possible other women ​are too?" This thought nagged at me for years and as my family grew and my life expanded I became ​firmer in my resolve to use my experience to help other women.

It is critical to elevate women’s voices and change the conversation around being a woman, mom, and ​professional. No longer should women be hiding in the background or trying to fit into a specific mold. ​There is no shame in accepting "imperfection". There is no shame in being authentically you! I look ​forward to you joining me on this journey. Let's get started!

I want to hear from you!

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One of my goals is to create a space ​for women to connect and engage with ​each other in an honest and respectful ​way.

Follow Steel Roses Women on ​Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to ​stay up to date on new episodes and ​send in your feedback & topic requests!

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Hello Steel Roses Community!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the resources section of SRW. ​Creating a central hub to feature prior guests and the amazing work they ​are doing has been a long time dream of mine. I cannot express enough how ​important it is to me to support other women while also connecting you ​with someone who could change the course of your life.

I hope that you find the resources listed here helpful!

If you think you or someone you know should be featured on SRW as a ​resource for women please reach out to ​with your information.

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coach brooke

Founder of Scale With Clarity, Brooke works as a Fractional CFO and ​business partner to female entrepreneurs, empowering them to scale ​their businesses to 7 figures and beyond. Brooke’s approach blends ​financial acumen with a strong focus on fostering personal well-being, ​helping clients achieve success without sacrificing their authenticity and ​joy.

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Kerri Mckenna Reese

After years of healing from momentous childhood trauma, Kerri McKenna ​Reece became a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach Supervisor, and an ​accredited instructor specializing in Complex Trauma. With a passion to ​help others, she created the programs she needed in the midst of her ​suffering. Today Kerri is the founder, Director, and CEO of Kerri Coaching ​where she not only privately provides one-on-one coaching, but also ​offers programs designed to help you recognize trauma in yourself and ​others enabling you to show up in a trauma informed way and build ​trauma informed practices in your current profession, as well as support ​in building healing and sustainable relationships making a difference in ​the lives of others. These programs are designed specifically to catalyze ​your own personal healing journey.

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To learn about Kerri McKenna Reece visit her website:

Check out her accredited TraumaWell Certified Trauma Specialist Course:



If you'd like to talk with Kerri to see about working with her one on one, schedule a consultation: ​

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coach nami

As a highly sought after coach and speaker, Coach nami is a recognized ​expert in helping individuals reach their full potential. after 15+ years of ​mentoring and coaching in professional organizations, nami has developed ​a unique approach that combines deep insights, practical strategies, and ​techniques to guide clients on a transformational journey of self-​discovery and empowerment. through engaging workshops, dynamic ​keynotes, and group or one-on-one coaching sessions, Nami has inspired ​countless individuals to tap into their innate strengths, identify their ​unique powers, and unlock their full potential.

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